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The Beaver Island Club of Grand Rapids has been hosting parties since 1966. Throughout these years the club has tried to send donations to Beaver Island for various causes.  Most parties in years past boasted profits, therefore the Club was able to donate to needs on the Island.

Throughout the years, the Beaver Island club has donated to many causes.

  • Holy Cross Carillon
  • Medical Center
  • Cemetery
  • Holy Cross Hall roof
  • Game Club
  • BI EMS
  • Peaine Twp Boat Launch
  • BI Community Center - Misc
  • Holy Cross Hall Sound System
  • Portable Defibrillator - EMS
  • Marine Museum
  • BI Historical Society
  • Holy Cross Altar Chairs
  • Christian Church
  • Ellen Welke Fund
  • BI Dental Unit - Medical Center
  • Holy Cross CCD
  • BI Fire Department - Portable Water Tank
  • Holy Cross Hall Bathrooms
  • Holy Cross Church Stained Glass Window fund
  • BI Fire Department - Respiratory Equipment
  • Bud McDonough Memorial Ball Park Equipment
  • EMS Life Boat Fund
  • BI Public Beach Playground Equipment
  • BI Booster Club for Bleachers
  • BI Community Center - Piano humidifier and microphone
  • Bible Study fund

  • There were then years when only a handful of folks attended. In 1985 there were only 46 attendants with a net loss of $45.00. This made it a difficult decision to carry on into the next year and promote the gathering. 

    We as the second generation of the Beaver Island Club of Grand Rapids are very glad the founding members chose to continue. As we move into and beyond this current year of the Beaver Island Club of Grand Rapids, we look back at the many wonderful parties and the good times had by all...

    ...and we have pictures and video to prove it!


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    Slide show of pics thru 2011

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